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It often happens that local deliveries become dedicated runs. What does this mean in terms of the customer? It means that you will be provided with a driver whose schedule will allow him to follow a particular route. Sometimes the timetable will pursue a predictable pattern; always a bonus for the driver when this happens.


We supply this service, as it’s a ‘win-win’ situation for all. It provides a positive outcome for the driver, the carrier and the client who is assured of a reliable and individual service.

The benefits of this service are many. Drivers do not necessarily have to turn their lifestyle upside-down as long haul drivers do. Paperwork is minimized as there is minimum record keeping. Dedicated runs are mostly exempt from the thirty-minute rest break, stated in the latest Hours of Service rule-book. All in all the driver of the vehicle may hope for a far better lifestyle than many of his colleagues. He can eat healthy, program his leisure activities and spend quality time with his family. Our service – dedicated lanes equal happy customers.

If you are pleased, we are satisfied.