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The drop trailer program permits shippers and carriers some control and independence, allowing for a more efficient and on-time delivery rate. Expertise counts in truckload shipments and that is why we offer this service; we have the personnel, skill, and experience in this field.


Knowledge of the main types of trailers and their specifications will help you to choose the right vehicle for transporting your goods and we are there to advise you accordingly. Specific trailers are designed to meet different needs. The drop deck trailer is used for oversize freight, over ten feet in height. It has a long piece of the trailer called a “well” that dips below the trailer axles. Examples of typical cargo are construction equipment, forklifts, cars, trucks, and tanks.


The benefit for the shippers is numerous. They are able to load their trailer at their own time and avoid unnecessary charges for driver retention. The products are able to flow through the warehouse effortlessly and there is the higher on-time percentage. With the drop trailer program, the carrier would be able to reclaim planning power. No more wasting time, waiting to pick up a load and a higher on-time percentage is on the cards.