Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 8 AM to 5 PM and Saturday - 9 AM to 12 PM

To keep our customers happy we need a satisfied workforce. A satisfied workforce is a bottom line to good service and we sincerely believe in this adage. Our fleet of vehicles would not be of any use without a dedicated team of drivers. To a large extent, the success of our operations falls on their shoulders.


Short-term local delivery jobs have an intrinsic appeal to the trucker. The current trend is that more and more drivers do not wish to take up long hauls as they have to leave their families behind and lead the life of a wanderer for days at a time. The toll on their lives and personal health is heavy. Taking this into consideration we offer local deliveries, where your consignment is shipped within a small radius. This allows the truck driver to go home when the shift is over.


What are the benefits of local deliveries?

Definitely, a faster turn-around of products shipped. You get a dependable service which usually delivers within a twenty-four hour period. Sometimes our clients rely on us for multiple same-day pick-ups and deliveries. To facilitate their production schedule we are willing to meet quick short-term local delivery standards. Service is what we believe in and provide.