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When you need to relocate to a brand new environment or have to accommodate a new product, which will be arriving soon, you need a service which will allow for the transition from storage to distribution to be seamless. This is why we offer you ‘short-term storage’. We exactly know the urgency of the work


This refers to a system where storage is offered for a relatively short period of time (days or weeks). This allows us to take all the stress out of the distribution and storage process from your shoulders, by our comprehensive capabilities. We can plan and organize the risks and costs associated with expanding and contracting space requirements.  This allows you to reduce inventories and your goods can be sold in transit. You can avoid long-term commitment to space and equipment. This is a cost-effective strategy, always popular with the customer. You  pay for what you need, no overheads or extra expenditure


Warehousing is a basic service, which many organizations provide but short-term storage, is a luxury. We understand our clients and wish to provide the best service always. Our endeavour is to customize a flexible system of operations to customize your requirements.