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Ohio Freight Solutions

Ohio Freight Solutions is based in Ohio, USA. We offer long-haul trucking solutions in 48 states in total. The building blocks of our company are our dedication to safety, Quality, and Professionalism. Consistent Reliability in our services is the top unique feature of our company. What makes us stand out is our dedication put into every service offered by us no matter the size or revenue of the shipment. We stand out in determination to literally and figuratively go the extra mile to deliver safely and on time. Due to the reach of our services to so many states, reduces the costs incurred in transportation and thus translating to reasonable pricing for you as the customer.


Safety of our employees and our cargo are both paramount. We take every caution to make sure that we do not endanger the shipment we carry or the people we hire. Safety Measures, regular audits of processes, security procedures and installation of emergency procedures in place all contribute to increase and ensure a safer work environment and well-protected cargo.
Quality of work no matter the cost is a very important aspect of our services offered. Every employee of the company is trained and instructed to maintain a certain quality in the work they do. A trust relationship built on great quality service is the vision we have for every consignment that we take. You can always trust us to take the quality approach to be more important than the quantity.
Professionalism is expected in each and every one of our employees. To this end, we take immense care to carefully vet every person that we employ. Every person is hired based on their level of professionalism and fits for the job. An excellent customer service and a well-regulated feedback system ensure that we are constantly improving and optimizing our services to give you the most professional services possible.

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  • Affordable freight services

    Ohio Freight Solutions as the name suggest is based in Ohio, USA. It a standard long-haul trucking company that operates in 48 states and offers affordable freight services required by a customer throughout the USA

  • Safety & Compliance

    The company has a host of dry vans and reefer trucks and can carry almost any type of cargo imaginable. Our core value of Safety, Quality and Professionalism are reflected in every aspect of our services from start to end.

  • Strong commitment

    We believe in strong and steadfast, commitment to our customers. Reliable services are ensured with the help of the latest equipment, the most experienced drivers, professionalism in all aspects.

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What is the advantage of using a Full Truck Loads?

A full load truck is dedicated to delivering your goods from the place of loading to the destination without any other drops in between. This makes the transport and delivery of the freight faster and has negligible or no damage during transit.

When should I use a Light Truck Loads?

When you do not have a large quantity to be shipped, this is the more economical option to choose. Here you get to hire a limited space in the truck. This type of transport will take more time depending on the number of stops and drops the truck makes along the way.

When should I avoid using Drop Trailers?

Drop trailers have very long stopover time of a few weeks to a month. The transportation of perishable goods that do not have a long shelf life should not be transported using this method. Only use this type of freight if the product does not need to be delivered in a hurry.

When is Cross Docking a better than warehousing?

Cross-docking uses the principle of just in time delivery, where there is almost no waiting time, and negligible storage facility required. This makes the freight delivery fast and also reduces the chance of clerical errors that can occur at a warehouse. This is a good option to choose if you have a good warehousing facility of your own.

How does truckload consolidation work?

More often than not a customer consignment will fill up half to two-thirds of a truck. When this happens the more economic alternative that is available to the customer is the division of the shipment into smaller separate consignments, allowing them to avail light truckload rates along with almost equivalent speed of a full truckload delivery.


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With Safety, Quality and Professionalism as the main focus for us here at Ohio Freight Solutions, we take great care in choosing our employees. All our drivers are carefully vetted from a pool of drivers that are professionally trained and associated with accredited institutes. The company partners with the best organizations to stay updated with its safety procedures and processes and with the latest logistic technology companies for the best equipment and facilities.

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